The Best Survey Sites That Actually Pay You

imbox dollars, send earnings, paid surveys, online surveys, extra cashinbox dollars, send earnings, paid surveys, online surveys, extra cash

Inbox Dollars & Send Earnings – $5 sign on bonus

Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings are one of the first survey websites I remember signing up with! It is incredibly easy to make money just by reading your e-mail. That’s it! You don’t even have to take the surveys if you don’t want to, however, if you have the time and fit what they’re looking for (you go through a series of screening questions) I highly recommend it!

Both websites give you a $5 bonus for signing up. Afterwards, you can expect to receive about 2 to 3 emails per day, which pay out about $0.02 – $0.05 cents per email.

For surveys, you can expect to be paid between $0.25 – $5.00, sometimes more. In order to be paid out from either Inbox Dollars or Send Earnings, you must reach a minimum of $30.  Once you’ve achieved this, can choose to redeem for a gift card to numerous online retailers, have the money put onto a pre-paid Visa or just have them mail you a check. In the past, I would usually have them mail me a check.

Mypoints, paid surveys, extra cash, earn points


MyPoints allows you to earn points through a variety of methods, such as emails, surveys, video clips, and polls. You can expect to receive emails often, which give you 5 points each. Participating in surveys is another great way to earn as they go all the way up to 1000 points!

If you do any online shopping, you’ll be pleased to know they offer points for making purchases through their website. One of my favorite ways to earn is by purchasing my airline tickets through Expedia! Just make sure you don’t change your plans afterward or you can risk missing out. I’ve redeemed my points several times for electronic gift cards on Groupon, and I’ve never had any issue regarding redemption.

In fact, you can start earning rewards on MyPoints with as little as 700 points!

work from home, swag bucks, paid surveys, online surveys, extra cash


As a writer and blogger, we spend a lot of time researching online so we might as well be getting paid to do it, right?

Swagbucks offers a unique approach to conducting searches that I have not seen on any other platform. Each time you use their search engine, there is a chance that a pop-up box with one of those “prove you’re not a robot” codes will be displayed. After typing it correctly, you will be given a certain amount of “Swag Bucks” to be used later on gift redemptions.

Searching is not the only way to get paid either. You’re able to earn cash back on purchases made on hotel stays, restaurants, and other useful items for your adventures.

From a search activity, you can expect to earn between 5 and 20 Swagbucks. Keep your eyes on their social media pages as well; they like to give out exclusive Swag Codes to score extra bucks!

Surveys will reward you between 50 to 300 Swagbucks, and once you’ve reached 500 you can start redeeming for gift cards or have the money deposited into your Paypal account.

paid surveys, online survey, extra cash, vindale research

Vindale – $2 sign up bonus

If you are wanting higher pay-outs, Vindale Research has a wide variety of studies ranging from $0.75 to $7.00. They do send paid e-mails that can score you about $.10 per email, but it is not as frequent as InboxDollars, or MyPoints.

One unique way of earning some extra cash is their “Post A Selfie” Payment. Basically, whenever you cash out, you can score an extra $5 bucks by snapping a selfie of yourself with their check and sending it over to them. Pretty sweet deal! Vindale Research does offer a $2 sign up bonus, but in order to be paid out with Vindale Research, you do need to have $50 in your account. Although, with the higher paying studies you’ll be hitting this threshold in no time!

mills advisory panel, work from home, extra cash, online surveys, paid surveys

Mills Advisory Panel

If you love cooking or are picky about the ingredients list and packaging, the Mills Advisory Panel is where you want to be submitting your feedback. They don’t offer you cash, but you do get the option to choose from different Amazon Gift Cards.

You also won’t hear from the Mills Advisory Panel as much as other survey companies I have mentioned. Instead, you will be asked to join their “communities” where you will be emailed about once a week on certain topics, mainly food-related, such as (one I received last week) “Fall Seasonal Display”.

For this, Mills Advisory Panel wanted to know how I created a Fall Seasonal Display of foods and snacks prepared for certain holiday events, like Halloween or Thanksgiving. They really just want a general idea of what you’re using to season, bake, create… you get the idea. You get 25 points just for submitting a short answer.

Once you hit 1000 points, you are eligible to trade your points in for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Pine Cone Reasearch, PineCone, Paid Surveys, Extra Cash, Online Surveys

PineCone Research

PineCone Research is more of an “exclusive” survey site, as you have to apply at a time they have a window open for new panelists.

You do have to fill out a short form prior to knowing if they are accepting new panelists. I’d recommend bookmarking their site for easy access to the page.

However, once you are accepted, for each survey you take, no matter if it took you 2 minutes to complete or longer, PineCone will pay you $3. There is no minimum pay-out either. You can have that $3 mailed to your house right away, or you can choose to sit back and let it accumulate a bit first.


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