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When you find yourself preparing to go on vacation nothing beats a great deal! Being able to save your money while participating in memorable activities with your friends and loved ones during your get-away can be difficult. Though, if you’re traveling to Jaipur, Rajasthan, known as the Pink City in India, allow me to introduce you to your new home away from home.

At the Pearl Palace Hotel, you will be surrounded by luxurious amenities, gourmet dishes and eye-catching artwork – seriously, even the bathrooms are gorgeous! This 4-star hotel has accommodations that will work for any budget.

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Room rates start from 300 INR (4.40 USD) for a simple dorm room that features multiple beds, however, this price is only for one single bed in the room. If you have friends traveling with you they will have to pay their own 300 INR for a bed.

The dorm room has about 5 beds, so even if you’re not staying at the Pearl Palace with a group you have the opportunity to meet and mingle with others travelers. The only down-side to the room is having no air conditioning. Instead, the room is cooled by ceiling fans. Not just any ceiling fan though, these are really high-powered and produce a LOT of air. If you decide to grab a bed in the dorm room, you have plenty of storage lockers to secure your belongings. If you’re unsure of what to bring with you, read my list of everyday items to pack for India.

For 1200 INR (18.48 USD) you will find yourself very comfortably situated in either a basic or standard room. Pearl Palace knows how to take care of their guests by providing free Wi-Fi access as well as a television that has satellite programming in both Hindi and English.

hotel pearl palace room, jaipur, rajasthan, budget hotels in india

If you’re looking for something a bit larger or perhaps traveling with family, there are multiple options available priced between 1200 INR (18.48 USD) and 1500 INR (23.09 USD) for a standard and semi-deluxe room, as well as 1750 INR (26.96 USD) and 2200 INR (33.87 USD) for a deluxe or family room that can fit 4 people.

These rooms have the same Wi-Fi and television options, but include an air-conditioner with heat and cooling settings, making it optimal for those traveling during the summer.

hotel pearl palace hotel room, budget hotels in jaipur, rajasthan, travel to india

The Pearl Palace Hotel also offers a 20% discount rate during their value and pink seasonal plans which will be occurring in late April, May, June, and July. Keep in mind though, that if you plan on staying at the Pearl Palace Hotel in late December, there is actually a 30% surcharge added on top of the regular rate.

You will find that each room is artistically decorated with artisan hand-painted designs, along with the use of traditional Rajput architecture, containing a mixture of Mughal and Hindu structural styles, is also apparent throughout the hotel.

hotel pearl palace jaipur, rajasthan, travel india, budget hotels in jaipur

Most of the rooms at the Pearl Palace, with the exception of the dorm, are equipped with comfortable queen sized beds that were made to achieve a good night’s sleep. If you find you are in need of extra blankets or pillows, a quick phone call to the 24-hour reception is all it takes.

The bathrooms are newly remodeled and you will have access to hot water 24/7, as well as being provided with the essentials, such as shampoo, lotion, soap, and a comb. Towels and linens are cleaned regularly, and there are also in-house laundry facilities. However, the less expensive options do offer a shared bathroom. You will also find a small library and computer room that is available to all guests, located on the first floor.

hotel pearl palace lounge, jaipur, rajasthan, budget hotels in jaipur, travel india

After you have gotten settled in your rooms, you may want to ask about their luxury mini-bus tours that start at 9:00 am and have you back to the hotel at 5:30 pm. just in time for an amazing dinner! The tours cost 350 INR (5.39 USD) per person and will show you all of the famous sites, including Hawa Mahal, the City Palace, the Mantar Observatory, and many others.

hotel pearl palace, peacock rooftop restaurant, jaipur, rajasthan, travel india
source: hotelpearlpalace

Room service is available from 7am to 11pm where you can feast on traditional Rajasthani dishes. Though, if you’d prefer something else, Pearl Palace does have continental options available, such as Italian and Chinese inspired cuisine. I would like to highly recommended eating at the Peacock Rooftop Restaurant, open during the same hours that room service is provided, and located on the top floor. It’s actually funny, because even when I was staying at other hotels, I would ask my husband to take me to the Pearl Palace for dinner because it was the only food I was craving. It’s that good!!

The restaurant and many areas of the hotel are decorated to resemble a Peacock, the national bird of India. The hotel does not allow “bachelor” or “bachelorette” parties, making it a terrific spot for a family dinner, or a romantic evening. This hotel does not have elevator service and you will have to use the stairs, but for the amazing price to stay here those few steps aren’t troubling.

peacock rooftop restaurant, indian food, dining in jaipur, rajasthan, travel india

The prices are extremely reasonable, ranging from 80 INR (1.17 USD) to 260 INR (3.81 USD) per dish. If you are uncertain what a particular word is describing, the wait staff is more than happy to help you. If you are in the mood for Italian fare, the bruschetta is filled to the brim with ripened tomatoes topped with fresh herbs, and the pastas are served in hearty portions almost enough to be a shareable size.

For those craving Indian cuisine the paneer pakoras make an excellent starter dish. These are made using extremely fresh cubes of cottage cheese that are delicately wrapped in a chickpea flour batter before being deep-fried, and served with a side of mint chutney.

hotel pearl palace, peacock rooftop restaurant, jaipur budget hotels, travel india, rajasthan
Rashami Paneer Masala

The Reshami Paneer Masala is something you may find yourself ordering more than once; I know I did… This surprisingly large portioned dish is a cottage cheese and gravy mixture that is full of creamy, cheesy, paneer mixed with ripe peppers and onions all stirred into a tomato based gravy. The naan bread makes a wonderful accompaniment, especially for those who want to dip a little into the gravy! There are alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine available at the restaurant for those who would like to enjoy an after-dinner drink.

hotel pearl palace silver shop, hotel pearl palace, jaipur, rajasthan, travel india, budget hotels in north india
After your dinner at the Peacock Rooftop Restaurant, before making your way back downstairs, be sure to check out their silver shop. Located to the right of the cash register under the peacock canopy, you’ll find a quaint boutique specializing in fine silver and high quality gemstones. The prices are incredible and are actually the cheapest I have found throughout the city. You will be dazzled by a plethora of rings, necklaces and earrings that you could give as a nice gift, or keep as a little something for yourself. If there is a particular gemstone you are looking for, that you just cannot find, you can opt to have the jeweler hand-make this item for you.

If you do have a ring made for you, and turns out you just don’t like it, or it wasn’t what you had pictured… The jeweler does not mind at all! In fact, you don’t pay any money unless you decide to keep the ring. This happened to me once with a citrine and garnet ring I had made. The jeweler did not make me feel embarrassed or try to convince me that I needed to have it. He actually just moved it alongside the other rings he had for sale and kindly helped me find another item.

hotel pearl palace, jaipur, rajasthan, travel india, budget hotels in india

Even if you are not a guest at the Pearl Palace Hotel, you are more than welcome to come dine with them any evening. A reservation is not required, however for a large number of people it is suggested as the restaurant is often occupied and you will be given a wait time. It’s usually not long, my husband and I would wait at most twenty minutes. Additionally, if you do have to wait for a table to open up, there’s a lovely band that plays traditional Indian music. The band brings their own sitar, sarod and tabla – it’s just incredible, and you’ll really enjoy it.

With a remarkable price tag on their occupancy rates, you should not hesitate in booking this hotel. If you need to arrange a pickup, please get in touch with the reception as there is a free train or bus transportation from 8am until 11pm.

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