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Free Cube

We live in a world where technology is in the center of everything. We revolve around it, and its ever-growing, fascinating world… But it seems like every brand has its own cord, charging box, speaker, etc. that is different from another, making it challenging when you’ve accidentally left your charging cable at home.

If you’re tired of asking to borrow someone else’s cable, then you should take a look at the new Freecube – The World’s First Modular Tech Command Center! Featuring wireless charging, mood lighting, a Bluetooth speaker and more, guaranteed to make organizing your mobile lifestyle a breeze.

There are stack-able modules allowing you to create your own dream ‘smart’ hub. Choose from a USB Power Strip, a wireless charging pad, a Bluetooth speaker,  and LED lighting that features endless combinations of colors that will dance along to your tunes. In the future, we can expect to see modules such as a projector module, and even an Amazon Alexa!

According to their Kickstarter page, this is designed for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.


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I remember when numerous websites advertising “brain games” came out, it was all the rage for strengthening your mind and enhancing your memory. For some, it didn’t have much effect, but for others, it seemed to be a useful tool, and for over two years NeuroPlus has been demonstrating these cognitive improvements with their games.

They’ve now designed a headset that will bring a new approach the term “mental fitness”. Players will be able to receive instant feedback about their focus levels while playing these unique games. Don’t worry, if you’ve never heard of the terms Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, the group at NeuroPlus do a great job on their Kickstarter website breaking it all down so that it is easy to understand.

Best of all is that one size fits all so you and your kids can all enjoy the benefits of cognitive training. There’s also no need to worry that you may not be good at these games because the NeuroPlus adapts to your skill level and will only get tougher as you improve.

Are you ready to get your hands, or rather your head, on to one of the first consumer-friendly electroencephalography (EEG) headsets??

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TreePod – Hanging Retreat

From adventure travelers to the person who enjoys landscaping their yard, everyone will be able to find time to enjoy this next generation hammock, the Treepod Lounger & Cabana.

Traditional Hammocks can be difficult to get in and out of. I’ve actually been thrown out of a hammock once after it flipped upside down as I was trying to get in it! The Treepod appears to be incredibly easy to assemble, with just 6 steps until you’re ready to relax in your own private cabana.

Don’t be shy either! The max weight capacity is 500 pounds, so you and your significant other can enjoy some snuggle time under the stars! 😀 Perhaps, if the outdoors isn’t your ideal location to hang out you can also set the Treepod up in an office, or inside your home to be used as a gaming chair, or wouldn’t it just be perfect for a sun-room?


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Meridian Shirt 

The Meridian shirt, by Bluffworks just might be the last shirt you ever buy again. If you’re tired of spending top dollar for low quality, wrinkled messes then it’s time to check out this high-performance -just throw in a bag and go  – shirt.

There are three patterns, two fits, two lengths, and five sizes that you can choose from. The style is business casual, and you’ll never have to worry about ironing or dry cleaning before a meeting ever again.

It took the folks over at Bluffworks two years to design this advanced, almost smart shirt, and they even combined it with anti-microbial properties so you can wear it for multiple days in a row without washing it! Don’t let your first thought be, “Ewww”, as this is actually very beneficial to any minimalist traveler! The fabric is built for movement, soft and breathable, with no added harsh chemicals or formaldehyde.


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LYS Light Tracker

Tech wearables are a favorite of many, and not only is it useful for keeping up with your health progress, there’s just something about knowing exactly what you’re doing, and have done, that is oddly interesting yet satisfying in a slightly narcissistic way. So, if you are someone who has the latest smartwatch, or headphone wearable, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at the LYS.

By wearing LYS, you’re able to measure your sunlight intake, enabling you to carefully manage your sleep and wake cycle over time. Now, as someone who has struggled with insomnia, this is SO COOL! Evidence from their trial showed that people who used LYS properly for three weeks were able to decrease their falling asleep time by 40%.

Not only will LYS help you become more aware of your energy levels, but you will feel empowered and capable to make small changes in your everyday routine that will improve your overall health in the long run. Did you also know that sunlight is a natural metabolism booster? This aids in providing us with energy and even boosts our ability to focus.


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Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket

Imagine never being cold again! Or at least not when you’re wearing the world’s first customizable smart heating jacket! This is perfect for those of you who live in extremely cold climates, for extreme adventure travelers, or even for those of you like me who are just cold natured. There are many times when I will be bundled up on the couch, and my husband is walking around in a t-shirt and shorts.

The Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket is designed just like any other everyday jacket, except this one ensures your warmth. There is a mobile app, as well as a heating module that is consistently monitoring the temperature inside the jacket to self-adjust to your own desired temperature. You’ll love the ease of being able to connect via Bluetooth.

Can you imagine how easy it will be to pack for a winter vacation in cooler climates now? No longer will you have to pack an excess amount of clothing just for layering; in fact, you can just forget about layering altogether. The Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket is also waterproof, and will not absorb any moisture! For those of you who need storage, you’ll be happy to know that there are 8 pockets, as well as 2 separate pockets to house the 12V batteries.

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Blinq Ring

We have an overwhelmingly large assortment of smartwatches to choose from, and today we can finally move on to a new generation of fine smart wearables

Meet the Blinq (pronounced blink) Ring – made to remove the constant need to check our phones. You’re now able to be notified through an LED backlight that will radiate through the ring’s gemstone to show you a beautiful color of your choice. However, if you prefer you can also just set the Blinq Ring to vibrate or pulse. Since Blinq Jewelry is also water resistant, you’re able to receive alerts in the shower, at the pool with your kids, and even while doing the dishes.

If you love outdoor activities, such as hiking, you’ll be excited to know that there is a panic button built in SOS alert system that will notify contacts in case of an emergency, and even send out a GPS signal of your location.

You don’t have to worry about everyone having the same ring as you either. Choose from different settings and real, authentic gemstones, such as pink and purple jade, labradorite, moonstone, blue aventurine, and more! The Blinq Ring also comes in the following metals: silver, rose-gold plated, and yellow gold.

To choose your style and be one the firsts to own a Blinq Ring CLICK HERE to learn more about this precious gem.

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Allegro Electronic Toothbrush

Ok, this is really embarrassing… but, I almost always forget to pack my toothbrush when getting ready for a trip! I know, totally gross, right? I always end up buying a cheap one at the local pharmacy, only to end up throwing it in the trash later. This is not only a money loss, but it cuts out on time that could be spent on your destination. These all add up!

To help out with this, I’d like you all to take a look at the Allegro Electronic Toothbrush. I know that sounds big and bulky, but it’s actually this convenient, portable toothbrush that features its own drying and sterilization capabilities. The days of packing your toothbrush grossly alongside other toiletries are over. Everything, including the wireless charger, fits into this small, portable cup that doesn’t take up any space in your bag.

The toothbrush heads are interchangeable, and there are also 3 intensity modes to choose from: clean mode, sensitive mode, and white mode. This allows for versatility and the ability to be used by everyone!


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Euphony Wireless Earphones

Headphones are a definite must-have item when traveling. Music plays a major role in my life, being able to muster up memories and emotions, but it also helps me tune out from the outside world. This is important for a lot of people when traveling because you want to be able to retreat into your own safe space. Even if you’re not listening to music, just having something to cancel out the noise of your surroundings is all that’s needed.

Forget about the bulky, wrap around your ear, wireless headphones, and take a look at the stylish Euphony Wireless Earphones with KNZ technology. With a concentration on design, these are sure to enhance any wardrobe. Wouldn’t they look great matching your glasses or watch? They are available in 6 different styles, featuring Swarovski-element crystals, and you’ll also receive the charging box – giving you up to 60 hours of use!

You don’t have to worry about them falling out easily either are they have an ergonomic design frame that hugs your ear securely, yet comfortably. They are sweat resistant as well, and perfect for exercising, or running. Simply connect them via blue tooth, and you’re ready to chat, watch videos, or just listen to your favorite artist in high-quality HD audio.


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Mesay Translator

As travelers, we often find ourselves facing a language barrier. Most of us learn the language basics of our destination, but sometimes there are words used, or certain accents, that we just can’t understand. Then what? …

Don’t worry, with Mesay you will never find yourself having to answer that question. Weighing only 0.1 pounds this portable communication device is able to understand and translate 18 different languages in just 2 seconds, making your conversations clear and easy. This will not only benefit those traveling for personal gain, but this is a must-have item for those working in international business.

Along with translating, the Mesay also includes a pedometer, mp3 player, voice recording options, and more!

If you’ve been looking at different translation devices, you should also check out the iLi that was mentioned in an earlier blog post – 10 Luxury Tech Products You’ve Never Heard Of


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