10 Luxury Tech Products You’ve Never Heard Of

As travelers we are constantly on the lookout for the latest gizmos and gadgets to make our lives much easier when on the go. I have put together a list of intriguing new luxury gadgets that are spectacular, but not as well known.

Keep in mind they are pricey, but these unique finds are beneficial and will come in handy during your journey. If you’d like to share any of your own awesome finds, please do so in the comments below!

I have not put them in any order from best to worst so please do not let the numbering deter you away from checking them out.

source: www.iamili.com

 #1 – The Wearable Translator, iLi was presented by the Japanese start-up company Logbar. iLi is supposed to be able to translate any word, or sentence, that you speak into its microphone (by pressing a button). Right now, the iLi is only able to translate between three languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese. However, more languages will soon be added to this intelligent device, such as Korean, French, and Thai. It is said that currently the vocabulary library has up to 50,000 words and phrases, with the ability to work without the use of an internet connection. So far, the life span should last up to 24 hours and will be retailed for roughly $200 USD.

This product is going to be great for all travelers, as more languages are added to this unique device. No longer will you have to struggle explaining directions to your taxi driver, what type of gifts or clothing you are looking for, or even how you’d like your food prepared! Good-bye language barrier! 😀

For more information on the iLi Wearable Translator click here to visit their website

Source: www.techcrunch.com

#2 The Avegant Glyph just might have been one of the coolest gadgets featured at CES 2016. It may look like a virtual reality device, but instead it’s actually a media player that provides an individual screen that only you can view! What’s even more intriguing is the fact that there really isn’t a screen at all. In fact, the Glyph uses advanced optics along with microscopic mirrors that projects images directly to your eyes. Pretty wild, right? You can also connect your phone with the hardware to view video games, and it’s even compatible with 3D movies. You can also choose to just use the Glyph as a set of headphones, or kick back and relax during your flight with the movie or television program of your choice! Do you wear glasses? No problem, this amazing device can also accommodate your vision prescription. The retail value of the Glyph is pretty high at about $699, however I have seen them offered on www.Amazon.com for as little as $499!

For more information on the Glyph visit their website by clicking here

source: boncho kickstarter page

#3 The Boncho was designed by Dutch cycling firm Vanmoof and is going to be every biker’s best friend!! Sure, your regular old poncho will keep you dry, but only to an extent.. What about your legs?? The unique design of the Boncho comes with a section that will actually extend over the handlebars to protect your legs from getting soaked. Sure they’ll get a little wet, but not as much as they normally would! You’re able to keep this in place over the handlebars by holding onto the two fabric strips attached to the underside of the section going over the bars. The unique design is also able to fit snugly over smaller bike helmets, and you’re also able to easily fit a larger helmet over the Boncho. At the moment, the Boncho is available in sizes small, medium, and large and comes in two colors, mint green and grey. However, the developers will soon be allowing customers to purchase and design their own Boncho print! The retail price is around $75 USD.

For more information on the Boncho visit their website by clicking here

source: www.garmin.com

#4 Garmin Varia Vision is going to be another great gadget for the cyclists! This amazing little device allows you turn your sunglasses instantly into a pair of smart glasses. After attaching this lightweight device (weighing 1 oz), you will be able to navigate your routes, get alerts when you receive an incoming call or text message, and even be notified by the rear view radar to warn you of any traffic approaching from behind! The Garmin Varia Vision retails for $399 USD.

For more information on the Varia Vision visit their website by clicking here

source: kickstarter

#5 Aros Inflatable Hoodie is going to allow you to kick back, relax, and nap virtually anywhere. I can already imagine my next flight being incredibly comfortable while wearing one of these! At first, it may just look like any old comfy hoodie you’d normally wear; until you inflate the hood into a pillow! Another great aspect, is that when you have inflated or deflated the hood, you won’t be bothered by the pillow inside, nor will it be noticeable to others around you. Currently, there are four different types of hoodie designs that you can choose from, including one jacket. Aros Inflatable Hoodie retails between $60 and $150 USD.

For more information on the Aros Hoodie visit their website by clicking here

source: www.bragi.com

#6 Bragi Dash Wireless Headphones are available in 4 different sizes: XS, S, M, and L to provide a comfortable fit for everyone! Not only will you be able to listen to music with these wireless headphones, but you’ll also be able to receive phone calls (they’re supposed to be able to muffle your surroundings so your voice is easily heard), and even have the option of muting or listening to your surroundings with just one easy swipe! I especially enjoy the idea of these, because I constantly listen to music when I travel, and hate having to always untangle my cords. Not only that, but I’ve had instances where one headphone will stop working due to the bending or accidental tug on one of the wires! The Dash also comes with a portable wireless charger, providing up to 5 full charges. Another neat feature is that these are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them being ruined if they accidentally get wet! And for those of you who own an Alexa, you will be pleased to know that the Dash is now compatible! You can expect to see retail prices at around $299 USD.

For more information on the Bragi Dash Wireless Headphones visit their website by clicking here

source: en.turizmglobal.com

#7 Jurni is an incredible new carry-on suitcase that provides both a classic packing experience as well as an adjustable dividing shelf to stack products! There’s even a removable basket that fits into the top of the suitcase so you can easily access certain items during your road-trip or flight! There is a handle for you to use to wheel the suitcase along, and another aspect you’ll love about this suitcase is you can sit on it! No longer will you have to seek out an available place to sit in the airport or train station as you can now allow your carry-on to carry you! The maximum weight allowance is 220lb, which is 100 kg. The price for one of these rides is about $105.

For more information on the Jurni visit their website page by clicking here


Olaf scooter, riding suitacses
source: kickstarter

#8 The OLAF Scooter is an airport approved carry-on bag available in many options; the more popular being the OLAF Business and the OLAF Urban. Both feature a really incredible design that allows you to wheel yourself around on the built-in kick scooter! That’s right, no more rushing through the airport or running to catch your next bus! OLAF also acts as a trolley and the Urban provides a backpack that is perfect for students. The retail price for the OLAF Urban is roughly $213 USD (€195 EUR) and the OLAF Business is roughly $246 USD (€225 EUR).

For more information on the OLAF Scooter visit their website by clicking here

source: www.dudeiwantthat.com

#9 The Wolverine Pack The creative team over at EDC had two of the most backed flashlight projects EVER on Kickstarter, so it’s no surprise that they may have invented one of the coolest , self-healing, bags. I know, “did that just say self-healing?” was my first thought too, but they use a FuseFabric technology that is a revolutionary weaving process that involves a blend of thicker, highly durable threads with lighter, less dense fibers then coating it in polyurethane. This means that when you get a small cut or tear you can simply rub the fabric together with your fingers and it will repair itself!

The Wolverine is ideal for any travel or gym goer who is looking for a bag that is going to last a lifetime. With a main focus on the self-healing FuseFabric shell, this bag is also extremely lightweight and durable, and has a removable cross shoulder strap for a variety of ways to tote your new favorite accessory. Other features include an expandable roll top, water resistant seams, and a double layered bottom. The Wolverine Pack is available for $75.

For more information about the Wolverine Pack visit their Kickstarter page by clicking here.

Source: www.melely.com

#10 I’m Up Beauty Compact is perfect for girls on the go. Not only does this dynamic compact come with a luxurious re-fillable 4 color cheek/eye palette, but it also has a built-in portable charger for your smart phone! Another noteworthy aspect about this compact is that the cheek/eye colors have top-quality 100% organic ingredients that will hydrate and soften the skin! Among these ingredients is Meteorite Dust, coming directly from space that provides anti-aging along with skin lightening benefits. This compact comes in a variety of colors, such as Arctic (cool blue), Stone Grey, and Borgogna Purple (limited edition), and retails for roughly $92 USD (€84 EUR).

Right now, it looks like they are doing some work with their website, but this is a product to definitely keep an eye on!

For more information on the I’m Up Beauty Compact visit their website by clicking here


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