11 Items To Carry With You While Traveling

Traveling to a new city or town can be difficult. However, when traveling to a new country it can be hard to determine which of your favorite products or resources are within reach. Certainly leaving you feeling anxious; especially as a woman.

Surely there’s been a few times when we’ve gone into our handbag and had our hearts sink to our stomach as we frantically dug around, unlocking the zipper pouch only to have found it empty. Finally, we remember that we must have left our cell phone sitting on the kitchen table as we grabbed our bag, headed for the door and locked it behind us. Don’t you remember how the rest of the day went? We kept staring at everyone else, as they checked their twitter feed, updated their Facebook page, and uploading their new #OOTD photo to Instagram. It was an awful day! Maybe even a few of us decided to check out that zipper pocket one last time, but… Yeah, it still wasn’t there.

Our minds are comparable to a busy freeway; always navigating thoughts in different directions and as soon as one takes a turn for the exit, another is making its way up the entrance ramp.

Therefore, I’ve put together a list of my essential items I consider necessary to have in my bag during my travels, no matter where or what country I may be traveling to. Sometimes, I buy more than one of these at a time whenever I find them for a great deal; simply because they’re items I never want to be without!

I hope that you too can benefit from these suggestions!

  • Chapstick

This is an essential no matter what time of the year it is. The sun has the tendency to dry our lips out during the summer; then again with the chill the air brings during the fall and winter. For this reason, I prefer to always have some sort of protection with me and one of my favorites has been the Neutrogena Dual-Ended Hydration Lock Day & Night with SPF. You get 2 in 1 and it lasts quite a long time. In fact, I’ve had mine since May and I’m still using it. You can order this off of www.Amazon.com for $8.00. You can also buy Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer from www.amazon.in for ₹149 ($2.25) as well as Nivea Lip Care products for roughly ₹165 ($2.50)

  • Hand Fan

This is my recommendation especially if you’re traveling to a tropical environment, or anywhere it may be a bit toasty or humid.

A funny story… I was actually at Lal Bagh Gardens here in Bangalore during the summer time and the breeze began to slow down, leaving a dry heat behind. A man started to approach me and I saw him flick his wrist, expanding this beautiful fan. “Madam”, he says, “Would you like to buy this? Made from 100% sandalwood.” I smiled at him while I stuck my hand in my purse, and in return expanded my own (it wasn’t sandalwood) fan, “No thank you, I already have one.” I said as I turned and walked away.

In fact, people were buying his fans! Unfortunately, I didn’t ask how much he was selling them for, yet I’m almost certain he was making a nice profit. You’re able to easily order them from www.aliexpress.com with prices roughly around ₹67 ($1.04) including free shipping.

  • Portable Phone Charger

I never leave home without this, even when I’m not traveling! These come in a variety of colors and sizes, and feature a sleek design to slip into your side zipper pocket J. It’s wonderful for those that enjoy taking photos with their cell phones or use social media apps— you know how draining these can be to your battery.

They have multiple different brands available for you to choose from on Amazon ranging in price from ₹1200 ($18) to ₹4499 ($68) depending on exactly what your needs are.

  • Pocket Napkins/Tissues

These truly come in handy anytime you’re on the move! Whether you need an extra napkin, have an accidental spill, or they just don’t have the necessities available in the public restroom you have to use. ß This is indeed the biggest reason I put this here J

You can buy them from just about any store that sells toiletries (I believe I’ve even seen them in gas stations) Or pick them up at a food store or your local pharmacy once you’ve gotten to your destination! If you’re online, you’ll be able to find them available for about ₹199 ($3.00) depending on the number of packs being bought.

  • Hand Sanitizer

This is one of my essentials I always keep on me regardless of where I am! You never know what you’re touching, and it’s always great to use after getting off the plane, metro, or bus.

If you’re looking to buy in bulk I would suggest www.aliexpress.com. They are also available at your local pharmacies, and most supermarkets as well!

  • Sunglasses

Always a great choice to carry in your side pocket for those terribly blinding moments that the sun can cause. Another great reason to always have these with you is if you use public transportation. Most often there will be a window open if you’re taking a taxi or bus and these will aid in shielding your eyes from any dust particles or dirt that may be blowing in!

  • Eye Drops

It never hurts having something you can use to comfort your eyes in case of irritation. These are easily available at your local pharmacy or shopping center and there are several available options to suit your needs. Likewise, you can purchase these online from Amazon and eBay with prices ranging from ₹420 ($6.40) up to ₹1700 ($26)

  • Pepper Spray

This is crucial to carry along with you no matter where you are traveling to! I recommend reading my previous blog here for more information.

  • Loose Change

During my time in Indi, I have learned that not every place is willing to accept your credit/debit card. It baffled me at first too. Not only this, but often times kids will come up to you (I’ve also experienced this during my time in Italy) and they will ask for money to eat, sometimes even following you around until you hand them a coin. If there is a time when I feel a child, or whoever asking is being genuine, if I have a little to spare, I will.

I remember two children in particular who approached me in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They must have been no older than 10 asking for change to buy juice. I did have spare change on me at the time, so together we walked over to the stand selling drinks and I bought them one juice each. It cost me ₹30 ($.45) to make these kids smile and made both of our days brighter! Sharing is caring! <3

  • Bottled Water

Depending on where you are travelling to, the water may not always be drinkable. I recommend either buying a bottle of water before you head out for the day or purchasing a filtered water bottle! You can revert back to my previous post ’10 Everyday Items’ for more information!

  • Facial Spray

This is one of my personal must have items and I absolutely cannot live without facial spray! It cools me down when I’m hot, gives my skin a boost of hydration, and leaves me feeling refreshed. One of my favorites is the Mario Badescu, I buy the 4 oz. for $7 (₹460) and his website www.mariobadescu.com offers shipping all over the world! There are also many other brands available on the internet for roughly the same price, occasionally even cheaper, depending on the needs of your skin!

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