Infinitea – An Affordable Luxury Tea Room In The Heart Of Bengaluru!


Tea has been a long time traveler, conquering the world one county at a time, as well as being known as one of the healthiest beverages. For over 700 years people have started and ended their day with a nice hot cup of tea; reaping the benefits of its herbal medicinal properties.

Did you know that during the time of the Han Dynasty in China, between 202 BC and 220 AD, tea was extremely hard to come by mostly being drunken by the rich along with those from Royal families? It wasn’t until the Tang Dynasty took place, between 618 and 907, that drinking tea was more acceptable among the lower classes of people. The Chinese government soon deciding to support this wonderful herb, began to build shops in order for everyone to reap the benefits of this healing beverage.

Today India is one of the largest tea producers in the world producing 715,000 tons of tea. They are well-known for their remarkable Assam and Darjeeling teas, grown exclusively in this country. In conjunction with the two, Ceylon has also made it into this ranking grown on the island of Sri Lanka, located off the coast of South India.

Let me fill you in on some healing properties associated with drinking this ancient “go-to” brew! A very important reason for drinking tea is its capability to ease anxiety and stress-related factors. In a recent study, it was found that those who drank black or green tea 4 times per day for 6 weeks were more capable of calming their nerves quickly under stressful circumstances than those that didn’t drink tea.

How does this work? These teas contain an amino acid along with theanine that is needed for the body, including the brain, to be able to relax. In fact, fighting cavities is another power that tea holds. By sipping some white tea the polyphenol antioxidants actually prohibit the production of oral bacteria.

The Tea wall at Infinitea
The Tea wall at Infinitea Featuring the different varieties

“So where exactly do I go to find a high-quality tea room in Bangalore?” Was my question, too, until yesterday, when I finally found an answer.

There is a local tea room named Infinitea with two locations here in Bangalore, India. They are located on Cunningham Road, right in the heart of the city, and the other is in Indira Nagar, not too far from Ulsoor Lake. I had the opportunity to stop by the shop on Cunningham Road, and right when you walk in, you are hit with this welcoming atmosphere accompanied by the sweet, herbal scent of their teas.

Everyone enjoying their tea!
Everyone enjoying their tea!

They have many seating areas to choose from downstairs including a spacious private area upstairs that overlooks the dining area below. In addition, there is also artwork displayed on the walls featuring photographs of tea being enjoyed by different cultures around the world. But, you’ll also love the exposed wooden beams along the ceiling that create this ornamental ambiance that make it feel like you just stepped into a café on the side streets of London or Paris.

The upstairs lounge at Infinitea
The upstairs lounge at Infinitea

Not to mention, they have an enormous variety of teas to choose from including green, black, and fruity, along with many more suitable options to please even the pickiest of tea-loving palettes. Including my own… which is why I couldn’t just try one! The wait staff was so on point, it’s like they read my mind; serving a glass of cold water and bruschetta that had been baked to a crispy perfection right as I sat down.

Artwork and Photographs lining the walls of Infinitea
Artwork and Photographs lining the walls of Infinitea

I tried the Muscatel, 2nd flush, which is one of India’s beloved Deejarling specialties that had an incredible spicy yet sweet aroma. The taste was strong with hints of champagne, which is exactly what you want when you order a 2nd flush, indeed making it a great breakfast pairing. Though today, I paired the Deejarling with a slice of Tiramisu, and take it from someone who has traveled to Italy quite a few times, always eating traditional Tiramisu prepared by Nonna working in the kitchen–Infinitea clearly knows what they’re doing.

Tiramisu at Infinitea with the Muscatel, 2nd Flush Tea
The Tiramisu at Infinitea with the Muscatel, 2nd Flush Tea

After tasting the black Deejarling, I gave the Green Gold a chance to shine. This tea was not overwhelming, nor did it hold any bitterness in the taste. No, it had a surprisingly soft, fresh aroma with a rich herbal aftertaste, yet wonderfully smooth to drink.

The Green Gold paired perfectly with one of their Millionaire Bars; which is now one of the best desserts I’ve had in Bangalore. It consisted of 3 layers, a nice crunchy bottom with caramel in the center, topped with dark chocolate and sea salt. You know how most caramel is thick and a bit sticky? Infinitea must have created a secret recipe since this was incredibly smooth with a light, fluffy texture.

A bite of the Millionaire Bar at Infinitea!
A bite of the Millionaire Bar at Infinitea!

Here’s a fun fact about Oolong tea types—drinking them regularly can help soothe as well as improve skin irritations, reducing symptoms related to eczema! Oolongs additionally have the capability to help with weight management due to the fact they are packed with the powerful antioxidants our body needs! For this reason, you must give the Red Thunder a try.

It’s also the Branch Manager, Mr. Lama’s favorite tea, which he showed great enthusiasm and passion for. This actually helped make it a new favorite of mine too. Mr. Lama is incredibly knowledgeable, going above and beyond his duty to ensure each customer is satisfied with their experience. He’s very knowledgeable, actually being able to tell which flavorful desserts are best paired with what teas.

The Red Thunder is a bit more caffeinated, similar to the Muscatel, and is semi-fermented delivering a luxuriant aroma! It has a sweet aftertaste with a hint of fruity flavors that paired deliciously with the FrangipaneTart made with almond milk. The dessert was creamy with the right amount of crunch delivering a buttery aftertaste along with fresh raspberry. This would be a great combination for a morning tea-party!

A bite of the Frangipane Tart with Raspberry at Infinitea with the Red Thunder tea!
A bite of the Frangipane Tart with Raspberry at Infinitea with the Red Thunder tea!

There’s a great limited edition rare tea available that they’re serving now called the First Flush, Wonder. Full bodied with an earthy, fragrant aroma; you’ll really enjoy the light, velvety taste. I believe this is one of those teas that can be enjoyed by all. You must try it paired with the Granny Smith Apple Pie. These two together offer the perfect balance of crunchy, sweet, and that slight bitterness from the tea that will have your taste buds begging for more!

A bite of the Granny Smith Apple Pie with the Limited Edition First Flush, Wonder Tea, only at Infinitea

Not only does Infintea offer some delectable desserts, but they are affordable and offer a full menu with lunch and dinner options! With a multitude of entrées to choose from including pizzas, salads, seafood, and chicken there are many reasons to re-visit this place again! They offer complimentary wi-fi to their customers; making it a great place to study or meet up with fellow business partners. I also recommend it for families who just want to have a nice lunch or dinner outside of their home.

They are getting ready to remodel their store on Cunningham Road so make sure you stop in to see the before and after! 🙂

For more about their menu options and pricing, or to simply view their selection of teas, please visit their website at You can also order from their store online here at This makes it easy to enjoy the wonderful selections and benefits each tea has to offer from the comfort of your home!

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