10 Everyday Items To Bring On Your Trip To India.

This is my list of must-have items to bring with you on your trip to India! Some of these items are difficult to find while traveling and I suggest purchasing more than one of each item listed, depending on your length of stay, of course!


**Stick deodorant**

Let me tell you, I never thought this would be an item I would find myself searching the shelves for, and I’m glad I packed a couple extra of my favorite antiperspirants.

India seems to mainly carry spray on deodorant and has familiar brands like Dove and Nivea, however, they’re all the aerosol kinds! Maybe once I saw a Nivea roll-on deodorant, but not only was it for “refreshing” it was also for “whitening” your underarm area. I’m already light-complected and this was something I didn’t need.

I suggest packing a couple of your favorites, and the ones I have seen online vary in price. I highly recommend buying these before coming to India. On www.amazon.in I have found Secret priced at ₹1,500 ($23) and even Clinique at a whopping ₹4,150 ($62) !


Is a must-have no matter where you’re traveling to in India! To protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun I recommend packing a broad-spectrum SPF that protects from UVA and UVB rays! A cute way you can remember what UVA and UVB protects from is to remember the A is for the rays that Age us and the B is for the rays that Burn us! Both are no fun…

If you have a favorite SPF brand that is affordable, you might want to pack a couple of these in your luggage. I have found mass-cosmetic brands on www.amazon.in such as Olay priced for ₹2100 ($32) and Neutrogena Sport for ₹1680 ($25). If you don’t want to shop online you can visit the body shop which is pretty popular and has stores in most of the malls here. They have a great Vitamin C SPF 30, and it’s also prices similar for ₹1695 ($25). You can also check it out on their website at www.bodyshop.in

I can’t stress enough how important wearing SPF every day, so please bring a few or buy after you arrive! Your skin will thank you later! 😀

**Medicine to treat constipation**

A lot of people who travel long distances will, unfortunately, suffer from constipation. I’m just going to be honest and let you know the medicines you pick up at the local pharmacies most likely won’t work. Again, this is my opinion, and maybe some of us have stronger stomachs than others. Yet, go ahead and pack a couple of these, especially if you’re traveling to different cities. Keep in mind that the ingredients used and the preparation of food is completely different from what you might be accustomed to.

Some of you may experience the exact opposite effect and perhaps packing a couple of bottles of Imodium or Charcoal tablets before making the trip will come in handy later on!

**Bug Spray**

Ok, so when I first got here I started noticing these little red bite marks on my feet! I wear a lot of slip-on shoes or flats because I find them comfortable, they’re affordable, and I don’t get upset when they get torn up from all the walking I do. But these red bites were just starting to.. bug me! Haha! I found out it was from all the little sand mites and no-see-ums that you too might encounter. I brought a couple of bottles of OFF brand bug spray with me and was easily able to spray my feet and ankles and noticed that the bites slowly started to disappear.

The repellents they do carry in India are mainly to fight off mosquitos and they smell like the repellent you’d spray in your house, then leave for a night or two before returning. Even if you are one of those who find mosquitos usually are not attracted to you, pack this in your suitcase anyway! I, too, never had much trouble until I encountered these little no-see-ums.

General Items 

**Shoe Inserts**

This is something I wish I would have bought more of! I have frequent back pain due to scoliosis in my lower back and had no idea how hard it would be to find shoe inserts for the extra support. If you plan on doing a lot of walking or hiking, shoe inserts will be one of those items you’ll want to pack multiples of!

I usually use Dr. Sholl’s inserts because I find that they last a while, fitting comfortably into my flats and slip on shoes. But whatever your favorite brand is, pack at least 2 or more pairs depending on the amount of activity you’ll be doing. Your feet will thank you. 🙂


If you haven’t already, pick up a couple of long scarves or pashminas in your favorite colors to bring along for the journey! I wouldn’t bring anything heavy or warm unless you’re traveling during the winter months, and don’t worry you will be able to buy much more once you have arrived!

**Shirts with sleeves (for women)**

While packing, please refrain from choosing tank tops or off the shoulder shirts, unless you plan on covering your shoulders with a scarf, pashmina, or dupatta while you’re out and about!

It’s important to cover up in India if you want to avoid any unwanted attention as it is a very religious country and you want to respect the local dress-code. Once you are here you can buy a Salwar Kameez suit– dresses, with loose-fitting pants, and a dupatta ( a type of scarf). Or you can opt for a traditional Kurta with leggings and a dupatta/scarf. They’re really comfortable too! Prices range from ₹2000 ($30) up to about ₹6000 ($90) and higher depending on the materials used. These are available at any shopping mall here in Bangalore and you will have no trouble finding people to help you select your perfect set.

**Electrical Outlet Converters/Adaptors**

I only needed to bring 2 of these, and it will vary depending on how many electronic devices you’ll be carrying with you.  You can easily find these for sale online — if you’re needing a replacement after you’ve arrived.

Many of your electronic devices will already have the adapter included, such as your laptop or mobile phone. You can double check this by looking at the power cord that plugs into the wall, or if you have a laptop that has one of those large boxes attached to your power cord, that’s most likely your adaptor. It will read something like, “AD/DC Adaptor” or “Travel Adaptor”.

**A water bottle with a filtration system**

This is something very important especially for those of you that enjoy the outdoors. There are many water bottles that include a filter for safe drinking. CamelBak, Hydros, Kor, and Life Straw are some of the affordable brands available.

The filter is extremely important because it will get rid of any unhealthy bacteria and parasites that might be in the water. I use the Life Straw water bottle which has worked great for me! It allows for up to 1000 uses and is available online for roughly ₹2,350 ($35).

**Pepper Spray**

Something you can never go wrong packing on a trip to, anywhere! I have not seen this available to buy at local stores, but once again you can always buy it online when you run out for about ₹135 ($2) depending on the brand. I have not tried any of the brands available online, so I would recommend packing a couple of the one you trust the most!

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