Oyo Rooms – Affordable Rates In Major Cities Across India!

The Oyo Rooms are spreading like wild-fire across India and are perfect for every traveler looking for– breakfast, bulk, and budget! From partnering with their first hotel in Gurgaon in May 2013, they have seen rapid growth bringing them to have over 350+ hotels in multiple cities across India. Among these include exciting tourist destinations such as Goa, Bangalore, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Delhi.

In comparison with a Hostel, Oyo Rooms is seeming to take the lead here in India, and let me tell you why. For most travelers, the number one reason they choose to stay in a Hostel is because of the price. For around ₹350 – ₹700 per night (around $5.36 – $10.72 USD) you can get a room at one of the Hostels here in Jaipur. And to tell the truth, that is a wonderful deal! However, the downside? Most of these rooms you’re paying for are shared with up to 7 other people you’ve never met– the majority being native citizens looking for cheap places to stay for the night. Commonly this will put a damper on the feel of an international atmosphere and can deter foreign backpackers and tourists away.

Not only that, but Hostel’s often time come with curfews and stringent rules such as no smoking or drinking, and most of them do not come with private restrooms, instead they are shared with the entire floor. Thinking about getting your own private room? Hostels can charge anywhere between ₹1200 – ₹2500 per night (around $18.39 – $38.30 USD) which can take a hefty chunk out of your budget depending on your length of stay.

Staying at Oyo Rooms is similar to what you would pay at a Hostel. It is easy and convenient to book through OyoRooms.com and prices range from ₹899 to ₹1100 (around $12.24 to $16.84 USD). They often have coupons and discount codes they offer regularly, giving you the chance to save money for sight-seeing or dining out! Even I have stayed in a couple Oyo Rooms, and am currently staying in The Oyo Rooms, Anokhi Palace, Subhash Nagar in Bani Park. This location is in a nice area of town relatively close to points of interest such as Hawa Mahal, shopping malls, the railway station, and many delicious restaurants and bakeries within walking distance.

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Bed at Oyo Rooms Subhash Nagar

Each of the rooms are decorated differently, with hand-painted headboards and modern decor adding personality and comfort to your stay. You will enjoy complimentary wi-fi, cable television, and air-conditioning– which most hotels and hostels will charge an extra fee for.

oyo rooms, oyo hotel, jaipur, india, rajasthan
Seating/Dining area in the room at Oyo Subhash Nagar

The rooms are private and each has their own key allowing you to lock the room when you leave knowing all your belongings are safe and secure. The bedrooms really make you feel at home with a separate seating area for dining or work. You’ll love the dressing areas with full-length mirrors and spacious wardrobes and compartments to secure your belongings. You’re also able to invite a guest to your room for dinner or to watch a movie without being charged an additional fee or having to leave the hotel.

oyo hotel, oyo rooms, jaipur, india, rajasthan, travel
Television and Dressing are inside the room at Oyo Subhash Nagar

There is an attached bathroom, so you do not have to worry about sharing, equipped with a western toilet, sink, and rainwater shower head. You have access to hot water 24/7 and can request extra towels and a blow dryer from the reception. The beds are modern resembling a platform bed, and quite comfortable. The bed sheets and pillows are soft and non-abrasive for those that may have sensitive skin, and cleaned daily when you leave the key at the reception– it’s your choice! You have complete climate control and an extra soft fleece blanket is kept in the closet for those who may like the temperature of their room cooler than others!

oyo rooms, oyo hotel, jaipur, rajasthan, india, travel
Bathroom at Oyo Rooms Subhash Nagar

The Oyo Rooms offer a complimentary continental breakfast available from 8am until 10am and you can dine in their kitchen where you can mingle with other guests, or for those that prefer privacy, they will bring it to your room for breakfast in bed! Usual breakfast options include toast with jam, parathas, cold or hot cereals, sandwiches, and your choice of coffee or tea.  Prices for room service are affordable and offer multi-cuisine dishes to help satisfy everyone’s cravings. You will like how food and drink come served on separate dining trays, making it easy to clean up. You can also leave your trays outside the door for the staff to come by and take them without disturbing you.

There is a staff member continuously on duty to keep the hallways clean and to help if you have any other needs. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the city, although they may not speak perfect English they will take the time to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Being able to stay within your budget in a clean, secure environment is always something to consider when making your next trip to India. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or family, you know there will be an Oyo Room close by! Being India’s largest branded network of hotels you can count on cleanliness, accommodation, and attractive amenities to keep yourself feeling like you never left home!

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