The Chocolate Room: Death By Chocolate In Jaipur

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Ok, it’s official! I have found my Holy Grail of cafè’s here in Jaipur! I’m talking about delicious coffee, tasty food, and high-quality chocolate all for under ₹350 ($5.40 for everything in that order– the rest is on you.) That is almost equal to a cappuccino at Starbucks… who is now slowly edging to the back of my coffee-house list, along with Cafè Coffee Day and a couple of others I’ve tried back home in the states. This cafè has truly got something amazing going on here, but sadly there is only one here in Jaipur inside the World Trade Park. However, if you have free time during the day it is absolutely worth checking out!

The Chocolate Room has its own private area in the corner with nice comfy chairs and an up-to-date selection of magazines to choose from. –I always sat in the big one so I could feel like royalty as I sipped on my liquid gold. 🙂 The wait staff is incredibly friendly, always smiling, and they’ve never messed up any of my orders.

Strawberry Hot Chocolate, chocolate room, jaipur, world trade park, india
Strawberry Hot Chocolate

Here’s a quick side note: Messing up an order for me almost ruins my experience at the place of business. Not only is it embarrassing to have to call you over and call you out, but then I have to wait on you to fix the mistake. It also leaves me wondering if the food will come out the same quality it should have in the first place. So, super kudos to these guys over at The Chocolate Room because they know how to get it right every time! 😉 Don’t get me wrong though, the World Trade Park has some pretty appetizing options, but the unfinished plates left behind and the unwelcoming attitudes from the other vendors just weren’t… my cup of hot chocolate! Haha!

chocolate, chocolate room, jaipur, india, rajasthan, world trade park
Flavored chocolate squares

Speaking of chocolate these individually wrapped beauties (₹39 – $.60) come in many flavors. I bought a few strawberry, orange, and cream filled, and don’t judge me, but I ate them all… back to back… then bought more later… Each piece is divine, fine, rich, and mine– I will never share these!  They were very similar to Ghirardelli squares because each had a lovely filling, but these from The Chocolate Room were bigger and oh so creamy!

Tandoori Paneer Sandwich, chocolate room, jaipur, world trade park, india
Tandoori Paneer Sandwich

If you’re not in the mood for a sweet treat, they have an array of finger foods to choose from! I always went with the sandwiches, because it’s hard to beat at only ₹89 ($1.37). You can get the usual veg and cheese sandwich, however, they make a savory tandoori paneer sandwich seasoned to perfection, creamy, and oh so cheesy! 🙂 You’ll have to excuse the photo I took… They serve their sandwiches with 4 pieces (enough for 2 people, depending on how hungry you are) but it was so tempting I ate one before taking the photo. 😛

If you’ve also found your Holy Grail of cafès please don’t be shy! I’d love to hear about the other amazing finds out there.

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