Cafè Viva – 4-Star Dining On A Budget!

Leisure Inn, Hotel, Jaipur, Rajashthan, Cafe Viva
Reception Lounge at Leisure Inn Hotel Jaipur

If you’re looking for food that is appetizing and budget-friendly, you have to give this place a try! I felt extremely welcomed when I entered this hotel, and even though I walked into the wrong dining hall the young man showed me exactly where to go. He didn’t just point to the area, no, he walked me through the reception area into Cafè Viva, pulled my seat out for me at the table, and explained the menu options thoroughly if I had any questions. I started to wish I was staying at this hotel and not solely here to enjoy the great food, haha!

The ambiance in the dining area, as well as the hotel, was great compared to my experience with breakfast at the Oyo Rooms. The water piece in the reception was beautiful and the air conditioning felt so refreshing compared to the humid weather outside. Every employee had a smile on their face and was eager to help out in any way.

Cafè Viva Dining, Leisure Inn, Rajasthan, Jaipur, India, Hotels
Cafè Viva Dining Area

Cafè Viva was neat and clean, the plates and silverware were already arranged at each table, and the wait staff were all professionally dressed. No one was standing around as each person had a purpose and a job to do here. Please do not believe the one-star rating when you are searching for hotels. A revision should be done, because this certainly, in my book, is a 3.5 to 4-star hotel. The prices for the rooms, according to their website, range from ₹1999 ($32) onwards. Which is a killer deal considering the amenities and different types of dining options available. They have 3 different restaurants, yet I only got to experience the great food at their cafè– which happens to be open 24 hours!

Leisure Inn Bar, Jaipur, Hotel, Dining, Rajasthan
Indoor Bar at The Leisure Inn Jaipur

I had the minestrone soup as a starter, which had a rich and velvety texture. It was a thick tomato and bean broth that was not watered down or oily like some I have had in the past. There were pieces of cauliflower, zucchini, and herbs that really added to the texture as well as the flavor.

Minestrone Soup, Rajasthan, Leisure Inn, Rajasthan, Leisure Inn
Minestrone Soup

For my main course, I had the Sabz Biryani (vegetarian) served in a metal pot with some raita (a milky dish made from dahi/yogurt with added vegetables) on the side. When I say this biryani was beyond delicious, I’m saying I would eat this every day at least once for the rest of my life! It was savory, aromatic, the rice was fluffy and not sticky cooked to a golden brown and seasoned beautifully.

There were large pieces of carrot, broccoli, green beans, and chopped green chilis! If you’re worried about it being spicy, do not worry as it was mild and I’m sure if you asked you could have it prepared without the chilis. I seriously thought about just grabbing the pot and eating it like a starving mad woman! It took a lot to just spoon it on to my plate and eat it properly…

Sabz Biryani, Leisure Inn Hotel, Jaipur, Cafe Viva, Rajasthan
Sabz Biryani

I love to eat Naan bread with my biryani and this I must say has been the best I’ve had since being in India! I ordered the chili garlic Naan and you could see the tiny pieces of chopped garlic and chili instead of just being seasoned with powdered ingredients. The taste was just… Wow! The naan was crunchy, melt in your mouth good! I wish I could grab some from this photo right now and eat it. The best part was that it did not get chewy or hard like the Naan I had from Spicy Multicuisine Veg Restaurant by World Trade Park.

Naan Bread, Indian Food, Cafe Viva, Leisure Inn Hotel, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Chili Garlic Naan Bread

After I finished eating the waiter brought me a tiny bowl of warm water with a lemon inside. I held it and as the waiter walked away he turned around and motioned to him, “Do I drink this, or dip my hands in it”? Which made him laugh because he motioned back for me to dip my hands in it! I’m glad he did turn around before I was like, “Oh! Lemon water, *gulp*”! Hahaha!

Gulab Jamun, Leisure Inn, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Hotel, India
Gulab Jamun

For dessert, I ordered the Gulab Jamun, and you definitely should too! I could have at least eaten 10 pieces by myself, but they serve you only 2. What a tease! Gulab Jamun are luscious, creamy, tiny milk balls that melt in your mouth like chocolate. They had a light bit of honey syrup around them with tiny pieces of pistachio– one of my favorite nuts! When you first take a bite the flavors just pour into your mouth without being overly sweet or too chewy. I’m a person who has chocolate at least once per day, and I would definitely opt for this dessert instead! Ooohhh if only they made a chocolate Gulab Jamun. Oh! And with vanilla ice cream on top… Yeeesssss! Ok, before I pick up the phone and call them for takeout… I think it’s time for me to stop!

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