My Breakfast Experience At Oyo Rooms World Trade Park

The next morning around 8:30 am, I received a phone call from the front desk telling me that breakfast was ready. I love breakfast, but on this occasion, I did not ask for the phone call. :/ It is hard for me to fall back asleep after being woken up so I decided to at least check out the food.

I walked to the third floor where there were no signs leading to a dining area. I saw a door that led to the rooftop so I decided to take a look. To my surprise, there was what could have once been a laundry room for housekeeping where they were serving breakfast.

Oyo Rooms Roof Jaipur, World Trade Park Oyo Rooms

There were only 2 tables with 6 chairs each to sit at and eat. If you wanted privacy during your meal, I’m sorry, it just wasn’t going to happen. Luckily there were no other guests eating at this time, so I was able to enjoy some time to myself. Though, when I looked around I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not…

The chairs looked as though they had come right from the warehouse, and it was a complete disappointment to see something like this presented. The room was just unappealing and I could understand why no one was here.

Oyo Rooms World Trade Park, Oyo Rooms, Hotels, Jaipur

I stood there for a few minutes until someone popped their head out of the kitchen. I asked if this was the breakfast area and they told me it was, and to have a seat. After sitting I noticed there were no menus on the tables or anything describing the breakfast options. I had to stand up once again and pop my head into the kitchen to ask for a menu. I was given the menu card- different from the room service menu placed in the hotel rooms. There was a tiny section for breakfast and I ended up ordering toast because they were out of the fresh fruit I initially had wanted.

Oyo Rooms Menu, World Trade Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Breakfast menu at the Oyo Rooms.
Breakfast, Oyo Rooms, World Trade Park, Rajasthan
Breakfast at Oyo Rooms

When my order arrived, it looked nice and I was happy with it… until I took a sip of my coffee. There was sugar in it :O and one thing you do not do is mess up my coffee! Especially when you were the ones who called to wake me up, you would think you could at least get the order right. Is it really that difficult to take the pot of coffee, pour it into a cup, and then serve as is?? *shaking my head*

Once more, I had to stand up and go to the kitchen door to tell them to please make me another cup without sugar. Though, the second time the coffee was enormously watered down and tasted like instant coffee that they prepared in a hurry. It was even a dark brown versus being black. :/ I looked at the guy after taking a sip and asked, “Is this instant coffee”? He replied, “No, it is Nescafe”. Nescafe is known here well as a widely used brand of instant coffee, so again I ask, “This is Nescafe instant coffee”? He smiles shyly, which tells me he is not being truthful and continues to say it was brewed. I know coffee, and this certainly was instant coffee. Of course, I did not drink the filthy dishwater that wished to have caffeine in it…

At least the toast wasn’t terrible but the jam was especially sweet, though not too bad. It was almost like a strawberry jam infused with strawberry sweet tarts, and almost something you would eat as a candy instead. However, if you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with this jam you’ve got yourself a winner!! Too bad I wasn’t able to get the brand of the jam though, but I will try the next I venture off to the laundry room…. I mean the kitchen.

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