Arriving At The Oyo Rooms World Trade Park in Jaipur, India

Oyo Rooms World Trade Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan
The entrance to Oyo Rooms.

After getting my luggage, Uber dropped me off at the Oyo Rooms World Trade Park where I would be staying. After the man at the front desk made copies of my documents, he presented me a paper that I needed to sign agreeing to the terms and conditions of the hotel. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, when I asked to see a copy of the terms and conditions, I was told there were no real “Terms and Conditions” written to show me. :/ This just didn’t sit well with me… I never sign anything without knowing what I’m fully agreeing to. My brain starts showing me scenarios like additional charges at check-out, hidden tax fees, room cleaning charges, etc.

So after asking at least 5 times to see the terms and conditions the man states, “You just have to check out at 11 am on the day of checkout”. Here I am, picking up the pen and writing in the little box under the terms and conditions exactly what was said to me. Then I ask him to also sign the paper. Which he did, and afterward I was more than happy to sign my name, take my key, and head to my room.

Oyo Rooms World Trade Park, Jaipur, Hotels, Rajasthan
The lounge area when you enter Oyo Rooms.

Before booking this hotel (I found a great deal on I had read a couple of reviews online, some of them stating that the air-conditioners did not always work. One of the young men working the hotel showed me to my room and I asked him to stay just in case there were any problems. He did, and after inserting the key into the power slot the fan immediately turned on. It was nice having both a fan and an AC in the room because I love a cold hotel room! Especially when you have no AC in your own apartment and rely solely on the fans to keep you from passing out. The young man then showed me how to turn the AC on and off, and informed me it can take at least 5 minutes to turn on. In the end, it worked wonderfully and kept the entire room nice and frosty!

There were a couple of things I noticed about the room after he left. Particularly that the mini fridge had nothing in it! Hell, it wasn’t even plugged in. The container of water on the table was also empty, however, it was no trouble getting any water brought up to the room. When it did arrive, it wasn’t even cold water, and I couldn’t even pop it into the refrigerator because I was still waiting for it to become cold! You know what else was cold? The toilet paper holder in the restroom.. because it was also empty. :/ The man at the front desk told me house-keeping had gone home for the night (really?) and handed me a bunch of napkins instead….

At this point, I was extremely annoyed and hungry so I decided to walk to Gaurav Towers next to the World Trade Park Mall. These places are conveniently located within walking distance right across the street! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cash on me so the delicious looking street food carts were out of the question. The food carts were all lined up and smelled so wonderful! Full of savory dosas, chillas, rolls/wraps, sandwiches, and warm golden chai! Damn those international fees at the ATM!

I opted for a nice looking restaurant called Spicy Multicuisine Veg Restaurant. It is located on the first floor up the stairs. The prices were very reasonable compared to others I have been to in Bengaluru so I ended up ordering more than one dish: bruschetta, palak paneer, veg biryani, and 3 naan bread. Yeah, you could say I was pretty hungry! 🙂

The service did take a little longer than expected, but it was well worth the wait! The staff was also extremely helpful and friendly when I went to pay for my meal. Numerous times my Bank of America debit and credit cards have not been able to work as a payment method, especially in Bengaluru. It seemed to also be happening at this restaurant and I was fully prepared to walk back to the hotel with my head low and my tummy growling ferociously. Instead, the man helping me was determined to have my card work. 🙂 He downloaded a long list of what appeared to be international acceptance codes, restarted the machine, and attempted to swipe my card again. It worked and thank goodness too because I was already plotting to steal someone’s food while they weren’t looking outside by the food stands!

Once I returned to the hotel I was ready to dig in. Everything smelled so incredible and I was very excited to taste the bruschetta. I was a little disappointed in the fact it was more like small stuffed pieces of pizza, but it did have good flavor. The bruschetta was soft, cheesy, and had a slight crunch on the outer bits. There was even marinara sauce on the inside and this validated the fact that it was definitely bite-sized pizzas!

Palak Paneer, Indian Food
Palak Paneer, Naan, and Bruschetta

Do not be frightened by the green mushy appearance! 😛 This palak paneer was a definite creamy delight. Palak is actually spinach and gains its milky texture from being pureed with chopped ginger, onion, and green chilis. This particular dish had melted butter, cream, and tiny walnuts on top that added a rich flavor to the palak. I used my naan bread to scoop out all the tasty, soft, cheesy pieces of paneer before throwing the lid back on to have a bite of the biryani!

Biryani, Indian Food, Jaipur
Veg Biryani and Naan

You could just smell the rich herbs including turmeric, green chili, garlic, and ginger full of small chopped pieces of cauliflower, peas, carrot, and it even had tiny pieces of paneer in it! Yum! 😀 The only downer was that it wasn’t that spicy. I really haven’t had anything all that spicy since I have been in India.. or maybe I’m not ordering the right dishes? Someone help me out because even after telling the restaurants to please make it spicy it still happens to come out only mild. The naan was good but it became really chewy and hard to swallow. It would have been great if there had been a way to re-heat it. All in all the dishes weren’t bad and I would definitely recommend this restaurant to other travelers and friends!

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